MLM Board Plan

  • One of the most well-known MLM plans is the board plan, commonly referred to as a revolving matrix plan. The reason the MLM board plan is so named is because a board of members acts as a team and once the board has a specific number of members.

How Does Board Plan Work?

The board plan is composed of a 2X2 matrix. The sponsor board or matrix cycle is always followed by what is also referred to as the 2X2 matrix cycle. Each time the entries for the board or matrix cycle are completed, the particular member will be eligible for commission.
Once you've joined the plan, a blank board will be given to you, and you'll need to fill in a few columns in accordance with the entries of your colleagues. The size of the columns may vary depending on the company. When columns are finished with the associates, the commission is paid.

How Does Board Plan Work

Board MLM Plan Bonuses

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Board Completion Bonus

When a distributor completes a board or cycle and advances to the next board, they are awarded a bonus.

Reentry Bonus

A bonus received by the sponsor when the direct downlines complete a board and get a reentry on his/her position.

Sponsor Bonus

A bonus for promoting the team and including a new board member in the plan tree.

Level Commissions

Every level of the tree has a commission for adding new members. Columns that have been completed are a reward for the commission.

Referral Commission

A identifies recruiters for B and C. C recruits F and G, while B recruits D and E in turn. One board is made up of this (B1), commission will be for each member.

Cycle Commission

When 6 positions in a board are occupied, two switches happen. The topmost member, ie, A, in this case, would go to another Board ( B2 ) as its first member.

Al Hadaf Technologies's Board MLM PLan

Options Available In Board Plan

Al Hadaf's MLM board script MLM software will lead you to success and provide you the opportunity to benefit from the board members' passion project.
We provide the following option to control the board/matrix cycle in our board plan MLM software:

Board/matrix cycle plan commission setting..
View boards.
Search board.
View board commission

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