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Al Hadaf Technologies is one of the best blockchain and cryptocurrency development company. Our rock-solid experience and in-depth knowledge in the field will help clients with cutting-edge solutions. We have helped several clients across the globe, launch their blockchain-based businesses successfully, and bring their vision to reality.

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We are expert in MLM Software & Blockchain Technology. We deals in MLM Software for a big enterprises & small and large enterprise businesses. We are in the Multi-level marketing industry last 5 years. Our developed Software is very easy to use because we customized software as per customer requirement. And also provide the Software traing that how it works. Al Hadaf is a Best MLM Software Company in Delhi. Provide all types of MLM Software, Alhadaftech is the group of MLM Software Developer & Blockchain, and provide high security in MLM software with load balancing to manage the millions of user’s access at the same time. Al-Hadaf Technologies developed MLM Software based on client requirements. We are the MLM Software development company in Delhi, New Delhi. We have developed & implemented all types of MLM Software like Binary Plan, Level Plan, Generation Plan, Matrix Plan, Hybrid Plan, Board Plan, Repurchase Plan, Single Leg Plan, Differential Plan Single Leg Plan etc. We have delivered more than 350+ MLM Software’s & 150 MLM Software’s based on block chain technology.

Our Blockchain Development Services

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Blockchain Ledger Technology

Blockchain Ledger Technology

The distributed ledger's immutable record of transactions and access to it are available to all network users. Transactions are only recorded once with this shared ledger, avoiding the repetitive labor that is typical of conventional commercial networks.

Blockchain Immutable Records

Blockchain Immutable Records

After a transaction is added to the shared ledger, no participant can alter it or interfere with it. Both transactions are then visible in the network if a transaction record contains an error, which must be corrected by adding a new transaction.

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Blockchain Smart Contracts

The blockchain stores and automatically implements a set of rules known as a "smart contract" to speed up transactions. A smart contract has many other uses as well, such as defining the parameters under which corporate bond transfers must take place.

 ICO Development and (SEO)

ICO Development and (SEO)

Al Hadaf Technologies support you at every step of ICO development, from token creation and smart contract development to website design and whitepaper creation. We offer a host of ICO marketing offerings, including on page and off page SEO, social media marketing.

Cryptocurrency Coin Development

Cryptocurrency Coin Development

Adopt digital transactions by utilising Al Hadaf's strategic coin creation services to promote the growth of your company. Our international team of experts collaborates with each customer to develop smart strategies focused on relevant use cases and implementation.

White Label Wallet Development

White Label Wallet Development

The "digital" community is well aware of cryptocurrency wallets' high levels of security. They typically offer solutions for 2FA (two-factor authentication) and multi-level encryption for the privacy of their clients. The transmission requires a private key.

MLM Software Based on Blockchain Technology

Enterprises incentivize the network for promoting the products

Hybrid Based MLM Platform

Hybrid Based MLM Platform

By merging the benefits of the Ethereum and Tron smart contract MLM programs, such as a high degree of flexibility, an impermeable system, and a low capital investment, our hybrid smart contract-based MLM platform enables users to earn ETH as well as TRX.

Ethereum Based MLM Platform

Ethereum Based MLM Platform

Our ethereum smart sontract MLM software platform is 100% decentralized and take advantages of high levels transparency, no humam involvement, accelerated transactions, immutability, and supreme security measures in the blockchain platform.

Tron Based MLM Platform

Tron Based MLM Platform

Our tron based smart contract MLM software can process transactions at a higher speed and lower cost than other platforms. It can be deployed easily in the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) without depending on the other blockchain networks.

Crypto MLM Platform With  Ethereum Smart Contract

MLM Based On Ethereum

Our high-quality crypto MLM platform with ethereum smart contract handles the distribution of commission, collection of the users’ joining fees, handles the All Type of MLM Format, and manages the governance.

Smart Contract Based MLM on  Tron and Ethereum

Smart Contract Based MLM

Our smart contract based MLM on tron and ethereum manages different aspects like user registration on the platform, involving in the matrix table execution, payment processes, and distributing the different rewards.

Smart Contract Based MLM on Binance Platform

MLM Based on Binance

Binance smart chain BSC smart contract MLM software is 100% decentralized and customizable software with robust features that help to launch your smart contract powered MLM platform on binance blockchain.

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